Tough Assignments


I haven’t necessarily identified with being a writer. It is, in part, one reason for the bouts of inactivity on this blog. Even though the feedback from many of you has been uplifting and a times flat out surprising, truthfully, I've had a hard time accepting the call. I’ve always fashioned myself as a “creative”, but narrow-mindedly identified my creativity as visual artistry. Creative outlets for me have included painting, drawing, and most recently my camera…tools that I can manipulate tangibly to bring forth works of art. So when I took up the task to write, something somewhat out of my comfort zone, I doubted and withdrew, busying myself with other projects. 

And yet, here I am. Feeling the pull back to this blog. Back to sharing all the tales of shortcomings, stumbling blocks, and fortitude with you because ultimately, when you you're called to do a task, theres no escaping the work that needs to be done.

It’s interesting how purpose-led work doesn't always trigger “warm and fuzzy” feelings initially. There’s often a glorified call to action to do what feels good, or to go after and/or be driven by your passions. There’s definitely some validity to that though, it can also clout our motivation to do the work that needs to be done. The type of work that doesn’t always scream “hey this is me!”, “this is what I know, and I’m comfortable with”. Even from a biblical standpoint, some of the most prominent leaders, that carried out some of the most significant tasks, were not at all comfortable with the idea of the assignment.  They were reluctant to go. They begged and pleaded with God to choose someone else, to make a path easier, or show them an alternative path to carry things out. Yet ultimately, it was their purpose. It was their life work. 

“…when you you're called to do a task, there’s no escaping the work that needs to be done.”

I’m internalizing that taking the path that doesn’t easily resonate with me or what feels most comfortable doing, isn’t necessarily the wrong way to go. By no means it that an invitation to veer down roads you know are absolutely wrong for you. But occasionally, the clear quiet trail that may feel a little gritty simply because its foreign, is in fact, the right one.

I once watched Celeste Headlee give a Tedx Talk where she said, finding your work is less about the job itself, than it is choosing a mission statement for your life. Identify who you are as an individual, and then find those identifying characteristics present in whatever work you choose so that it allows you to fulfill those commitments to yourself. It is important for me to feel love and support. It is also important to me to echo those needs by pouring them into other people. Above all, it is of utmost importance to be walking in the divine design God has for my life. So with that, lets keep the conversation going shall we? Let’s continue to share and uplift each other. And as you find your own way remember, even if something doesn't scream out at you and tug at your heartstrings right away, it doesn’t mean that it’s not important work; You may just need to listen to the call more closely.