“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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Theres a familiar old saying that states, “lighting never strikes the same place twice.”  If you're up on you're scientific facts, or at least in tune with debunked myths, then you may know that the claim is false. Lightning can, in fact, strike a location more than once and if given enough time, the probability is inevitable. I’m no expert on weather and its behavioral patterns, but what I do know is that life can operate much like that second strike of lightning - if you wait long enough, history will repeat itself. In my case that historical revolving door happened within two years.

I. Lost. My. Job….Again.

At the top of the year, when the buzz of New Year’s hadn't even a chance to wear off- I’m talking ink barely dry from freshly made resolutions and Auld Lang Syne still faintly audible - I learned that the company I worked for was folding. Within a week’s time, the doors would be closed and I’d be unemployed. This would be the second time in two years that I worked for a retailer that brought my professional life to a screeching halt. But this time, I couldn't be more grateful for the journey ahead. 

After learning the news my mind circled with emotions including concern and anxiety. In just the last two short years I was laid off, gave birth for the second time, went through a divorce, moved in with my parents, and now, lost another job. To say I’ve been in a season of transition would be an understatement. Always top of mind is creating stability for myself and my children, and this latest shift completely rocked my entire world and yet was one of the most defining moments of my faith to date. I had an overwhelming sense of peace and optimism. Maintaining a spirit of calmness and positivity in the midst of a company shut down  is apparently grounds to have you committed. In the stores last operative days, my coworkers and I were flooded with questions lead by “so what are you going to do now”? My unwavering response was “Im taking a moment to figure things out”. I couldn't ignore the feeling that something greater was on the horizon. Sometimes God allows life to propel us in a direction so forcefully, that we have no choice but to adhere and adapt. I believe this was such a moment. 

I speak heavily with you all about chasing your dreams and pursuing the things in life you're passionate about. here I was presented with an opportunity to take heed to my own advice. I didn’t want to keep asking God “when was it my time?”. At some point I’d ask and the answer would be, “It was your time. Now its someone else’s.” And so, I’m looking at this unforeseen fate as a opportunity and finally taking the leap into the direction of my heart, by creating a career path that my dreams are made of. 

I’ll admit its a little unnerving. New, at times, is overwhelming. I would be lying if I said that familiar feelings of uncertainty haven't found their way in. What if this doesn’t work? What if it becomes a failed attempt? And naturally, there are bouts of feeling irresponsible. I’m a mother of two babes. What business do I have going rouge and experimental when their are eyes watching me? Their eyes are one of the very reasons why I know that now is the right time. I have an opportunity to chase a dream and experience something exciting and beautiful. I am showing them what listening to God and walking by faith looks like, and that its never to late to follow your heart. I can’t think of a better way to teach that lesson than by being exemplary in my actions. 

Sometimes God allows life to propel us in a direction so forcefully, that we have no choice but to adhere and adapt. I believe this was such a moment. 

Life doesn't wait for the picket fences to test your limitations. It will throw you a curve ball whenever, wherever. We, on the other hand, always have the choice to look for the silver lining. That hiccup very well may be your green light for new opportunities. Don’tworry if you missed the first lighting bolt. Chances are, in time it’ll strike again, and when it does don't be afraid to try something new. If it is meant for you, things will come together. The road of new beginnings may start with uncertainty, but it's paved with promise.

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