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Don't let negative individuals crush you

Don't let negative individuals crush you

Misery loves company. An age old saying that hasn't lost its validity yet. I’m pretty sure there is nothing more agitating to a miserable person, than someone who isn't as equally miserable as they are. They don't want to see you beam with positivity. They don't want to hear of your triumph. And they certainly don't want to witness you succeed. They are the dream killers. The lackluster cheerleaders in our camp, and we all know them. However, they don't always come in the form we may readily envision. Sure, they can be “outsiders” - random strangers you encounter in passing, or coworkers. But sometimes, they masquerade as friends, and sadder still, they may be even closer...parents, siblings, spouses or other family members. They whisper messages of doubt. They highlight the difficulty of your situation, and the improbability of overcoming it. They try to keep you under their thumb of negativity so that your hurt matches their own. 

A phrase of my father’s that I always reference is, “People are people”. Anyone can project negativity, regardless the connection that person has in your life. Although we may have certain expectations due to of their affiliation, refrain from putting anyone on a pedestal because there are no role exemptions for negativity. Because everyone is not for you, everything about you isn’t meant to be shared with just anyone. Guard your dreams, your fears, intimate details of your relationships, etc. Some hearts share in your happiness while others rejoice in your sadness.   

The pessimist. The nay-sayer. The cynic. The foe. May we know them. May we pray for them. May we release them. 


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