To Thine Own Self Be True


Have you ever reached that point in life where all signs point to "GO"?  When you're receiving conformation left and right across all avenues that its time to act on what ever has been nagging you in your heart and mind? At some point you can no longer ignore any of the signs. A call to action is beckoning, and you have no choice but to succumb to it. And no, I'm not talking about how after you see a tantalizing commercial you feel the sudden urge to devour a cheeseburger… Although, I have gone to Dairy Queen multiple times in one day due to some great marketing and product placement, but that's neither here or there. I'm talking about feeling a greater call on your life. Knowing that there's something you are meant to do whether temporarily or ongoing, and no matter how seemingly silly to anyone else, you just need to do it. Well this here - these very paragraphs, and humble words - is my submission. 

I attempted years ago to write and share my thoughts through blogging, but ultimately allowed fear to keep me from sticking with it. I hid behind being a working mom of a newborn, pressed for time with minimal sleep (which in fact I was) but honestly, I didn't think I was an expert in any particular category to have a meaningful contribution. After having a three year long come-to-Jesus talk with myself, I arrived at a few conclusions. 

1. There's no time like the present - Cliche but true. Each day that you let pass by without action, you are surrendering to doubt, dishonoring your talent/gifts, and postponing some of what may be your most fulfilled moments in life. Or worse yet, they go unrealized altogether.  

2. I am capable of all things. G-O-D told me so ( did my parents, whoot whoot!)

3. Don't let what you don't know, overshadow what you do. Being a "expert" on a subject doesn't mean you know it all and most certainly doesn't make your opinion invaluable to everybody. Everyone has something to offer. Everyone has a story to tell, its just a matter of being willing to share it. 

Thats the whole point of this blog. Verde not only means the color green, but in the context of this blog, it's about being green...being unskilled and yet trying something new. Putting yourself out there when all odds may be against you, but ultimately being true to yourself and expounding on your growth as an individual.  All the while, doing so fearlessly and courageously (valor). 

Today I rise above my fears. I am green. I am grand. And I'm going for it. Readers, thank you for joining me - I'll leave the light on...but self, this one's for you.