Janel Liles

"In my inexpert opinion..."

There are enough outlets advising us on how to "do life", when in fact no two journeys are the same. No matter how fantastic or unconventional it may seem, your path is in fact, YOUR OWN. That very idea, is how Verde and Valor came about. I wanted to create a space that embraces our singularities, and accepts our triumphs, as well as our trials. I hope to encourage you, as I encourage myself, to never stop believing in our capabilities; To continue making an investment in you, by allowing yourself welcome new experiences and grow daily (verde), and do so with confidence (valor). I'm no expert, and I don't claim to know it all, but I've become a quick study on stumbling, and getting back on course. As I continue down my path, I hope my stories inspire you on yours.

" I'd rather be a novice than a know it all. And I'd rather walk the path of the unknown, with courage and faith, than be trapped within the walls of comfort and complacency " - Janel L.