So, Here’s the Scoop…

I am an unabashed dreamer and creative soul. Alongside parenting two amazing children, I document life’s experiences through writing and photography.

I hope to encourage you as I encourage myself, to never stop believing in your capabilities

To continue making an investment in you, by allowing yourself to be "green" and welcome new experiences (verde), and do so with confidence (valor). I'm no expert and I don't claim to know it all, but I've become a quick study on stumbling, and getting back on course. As I continue down my path, I hope my stories inspire you on yours.

" I'd rather be a novice than a know it all. And I'd rather walk the path of the unknown, with courage and faith, than be trapped within the walls of comfort and complacency " - Janel Liles

Photo by Amanda Goodin

Photo by Amanda Goodin